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Why is Tontine Insulation energy efficient?

  • Helps achieve 6 star energy rating
  • Proven reduction in energy use after installation
  • Minimum 80% recycled polyester fibre used in production
  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • State of the art energy efficient production

Energy Efficient Insulation

Heating and cooling your home, office, school, hospital or commercial building can have a large impact on the environment and is an ever increasing cost based on the energy efficient building materials used. Properly insulating these buildings with energy efficient insulation will result in less energy used, less money spent, less strain on our natural resources and will help to reduce the harmful effects that energy generation has on the environment.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets out the requirements for the use of energy efficient thermal insulation based on the different climate zones around Australia.

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The BCA sets minimum energy efficient insulation requirements for different building types and climate zones. Architects and specifiers and some government departments are going beyond the current standards as they strive for even greater energy efficiency in their building designs. The use of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation in the building design and construction forms a vital component in ensuring the energy rating is met. Typically 6 star energy ratings cannot be met without the liberal use of energy efficient insulation in the building’s design/construction.

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