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Tontine Filter Media Products

Tontine Insulation manufacture a range of highly efficient air filtration media for use in commercial air treatment systems that maintain a healthy and clean air environment free from airborne dust and other particulate matter in all types of commercial buildings.

Manufactured from hypoallergenic polyester, Tontine's range of filtration media, including electrostatically charged filter media, is fully compliant to AS1324.1 and meets the rigorous requirements of the Australian building Code to help maintain high air quality, so essential for health and comfort.

PRODUCT DESIGNATON Performance Classification General Application Area
UBF 170
UBF 180
G2 Suitable for use in room and window type air conditioners and general pre-filtration.
TFM-250D G3 Suitable as a general air conditioning media or for pre-filtration of high grade filters.
UBF 370
G3 Good service grade media for all general air conditioning and ventilation applications.
UBF 370
G4 Top grade media for air conditioning and ventilation applications or as a pre-filter in all configurations.
TFM-390D G4 This media is designed as a disposable media for use in extended area filters.
EFM-350T F5 True F5 media designed to perform in extended area configuration.
Strippable Exhaust Media - S.E.M. is designed for use in the exhaust side of spray booths to replace fibreglass in this application.

Tontine Filter Media is made from thermally bonded polyester to suit a wide range of air filtration applications. Each media has been designed to meet specific performance criteria and service life in a variety of configurations.

Filtration for better health

The air we breathe is a mixture of gasses including nitrogen, oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and trace gases. Each day we inhale around ten kilos of air. If this air contains pollutants, we inhale them into our bodies and they can affect our health. So to protect people's health and the environment, we need air filtration and air pollution controls systems to keep indoor and outdoor air clean.

Air filtration protects human health and improves productivity

Air, like water, is essential to life and concerns about poor indoor air quality are driving research about air filtration and its beneficial effects on people and productivity.

Studies around the world indicate an increased risk for cardiovascular problems, including heart and stroke deaths, in relation to short- and long-term exposure to concentrations of air pollution, especially particulate matter. Examples are particulates generated from vehicle emissions and tire fragmentation, which can enter indoor spaces through mechanical ventilation systems, deposit in the lungs when breathed, enter the bloodstream and move to other organs. Gas or molecular pollution can also penetrate beyond the lungs.

This pollution in breathing air has also been linked directly to increases in respiratory symptoms, use of medication, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Recent investigations have also shed light on the costs and health advantages of particle filtration in office buildings. The estimated reductions in mortality, morbidity and productivity losses indicate that the overall economic and social benefits of using particle air filtration are several times larger than the associated running costs. The most important financial gain is fewer lost work days and higher productivity.

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