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Tontine Acoustic Insulation

Tontine Insulation produces acoustic insulation that is designed to bring you quiet comfort in your home or workplace with a comprehensive range of acoustic insulation products.

All Tontine acoustic insulation products are designed to minimise the effect of noise within a room or the transfer of noise between rooms and in the process they also provide you with a high degree of thermal insulation. The range of Tontine Acoustic Insulation includes sound proof insulation that can accommodate many forms of acoustic treatments.

Tontine Insulation’s wide range of acoustic insulation products can be used in a variety of applications and have exceptional acoustic values that have been tested to Australian standards and in a NATA accredited laboratory.

Tontine Insulation products are made from a minimum of 83% recycled fibres and can be installed quickly and easily without any special tools or protective gear.

Tontine Acoustic insulation is ideal for applications ranging from sound proofing a commercial sound studio to a home theatre or commercial office, hospital or hall. Tontine Insulation’s unique range of acoustic insulation is safe, economic and user-friendly.

Tontine Acoustisorb™

Tontine Acoustisorb 1™, 2 or 3 is a flexible building blanket, sheet or batt manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a minimum of 83% recycled fibre. Tontine Acoustisorb acoustic insulation provides the benefits of both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation and is designed to comply with AS/NZS 4859.1.

Tontine Acoustisorb 1™ is ideal acoustic insulation for applications such as ceilings, partition walls, other wall assemblies and curtain wall applications. Tontine Acoustisorb will help reduce sound transmission through building assemblies and provides excellent sound absorption when used as an overlay product.

Tontine Acoustisorb 2™ is a medium weight acoustic insulation, high performance acoustic sound absorber and is ideal for use in areas where noise control is critical such as recording studios, cinemas and large open indoor areas. Tontine Acoustisorb 2 can also be used around storage tanks, appliance cabinets, plant rooms and as an acoustic baffle.

Tontine Acoustisorb 3™ is a medium/heavy weight acoustic insulation and is the optimal product for acoustic applications. It delivers premium sound absorption across the entire frequency range. Tontine Acoustisorb 3 recommended uses include fitting around storage tanks, process equipment and appliance cabinets, in plant rooms, as acoustic baffles and acoustic silencers, cinemas, sound studios and acoustic panels.

Tontine Acoustisorb Ultra™ is specifically designed to absorb low frequency sounds, industrial noise and heavy use commercial applications. **New Product. Data sheet coming soon.

Tontine Acoustisorb Supreme™ is specifically designed to absorb low frequency sounds, industrial noise and heavy use commercial applications. 


Tontine Acousti-PanelTM

Tontine Acousti-PanelTM is a semi-rigid sound insulation panel manufactured using thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a high percentage of recycled fibre. Tontine Acousti-PanelTM is ideal for controlling sound and creating an inviting and appealing visual interior in commercial and public buildings such as auditoriums, conference rooms, hotel and office lobbies, lecture theatres and large meeting rooms. The product is off-white in colour and can be faced with a range of different fabrics in a choice of colours to compliment the decor of any environment.

Acousti-PanelTM can also be used as a functional decorative feature wall. Acousti-PanelTM is manufactured in a standard sheet size of 1200mm x 2400mm and in either a 25mm or 50mm thick sheet. It is also available in a range of custom sizes and specifications from 6mm - 18mm.


Tontine Thermal & Sound Batts™

Tontine Thermal & Sound Batts are manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a minimum of 83% recycled fibres. As well as being manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4859.1, Tontine Thermal & Sound Batts provide both a thermal and an acoustic insulation benefit, are non-toxic and user-friendly, and require no specific protective clothing when handling for installation. Tontine Thermal & Sound Batts will not absorb moisture or corrode or deteriorate over time.

Tontine Thermal & Sound Batts have been designed to provide a safe and efficient form of premium thermal and acoustic insulation. Tontine Thermal & Sound Batts are designed for use in both internal and external walls and when correctly installed they will improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve room-to-room privacy by reducing sound transmission.

Tontine Nova™

Tontine Nova is a flexible insulation blanket manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre. Tontine Nova provides the benefits of both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. Tontine Nova has been designed for use in commercial cavity wall construction using steel studs and/or steel furring channel. Tontine Nova is also used in some instances as a ceiling overlay for office applications.

Tontine Nova has been developed to enhance the thermal rating and low frequency acoustic performance of light weight walls and ceilings used in modern apartments and commercial developments.

Data Sheet: Tontine Nova™

Tontine Sound Blankets™ (TSB)

Tontine Sound Blankets (TSB) are lightweight sound insulation products manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a minimum of 83% recycled fibres. Tontine Sound Blanket is a non-toxic and user-friendly sound insulation, requiring no specific protective equipment or clothing to be used during installation. Tontine Sound Blankets use sound insulation materials that will not absorb moisture or corrode over time.

Tontine Sound Blankets (TSB) are ideal for use in office walls and partitions in commercial buildings, where they provide excellent acoustic performance and reduce the noise transfer between rooms.

Tontine Ceiling Baffle™

Tontine Ceiling Baffle™ is specially designed for use above partition walls in suspended ceiling cavities to reduce room-to-room sound transmission (commonly known as 'flanking sound'). In modern office fit outs, lightweight partition walls typically stop at the junction with the suspended ceiling, and significant levels of noise may pass between rooms over the top of the partition wall. This is especially true when lightweight acoustic tiles are used as part of the suspended ceiling. This flanking sound may cause problems even if the partition wall itself has a good acoustic rating. The combination of Tontine Ceiling Baffle in the ceiling cavity and Tontine Sound Batts sound insulation in the partition wall cavity helps ensure speech privacy and a quieter working environment. When the Tontine Ceiling Baffle pack is opened in the ceiling void it expands to fill the space and is held in place under its own compression.

Tontine Ceiling Baffle comes in an easy to install pack compressed to 400mm thickness containing 8 batts of 1200mm x 600mm dimension. Tontine Ceiling Baffle is non-toxic, use-friendly sound proof insulation and will not corrode over time.

For more information on Tontine Acoustic Insulation and sound insulation materials or help with a specific project, please contact us or see our Material Safety Data Sheets.



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